Get into DevOps: Beginner’s Guide

In this article, I am going to tell you that what is DevOps and explain its concepts in an easy way so that everyone will be able to understand. This article is targeted at beginners, Even if you are at a somewhat intermediate level still you can go through this article as a refreshment.

Being a beginner myself, I created this article based on my insights and experience in DevOps, so pardon me for any mistakes, feel free to point it out in the comments section.


DevOps = Development + Operations . This is the basic definition you will come across when you make a simple search in google and all the articles about DevOps. Yes, the definition is correct but not accurate. It’s not exactly an equal combination of Development and Operations. It is more of Operations than Development.

Even if you have coded a basic application or worked as an intern, you must have seen that on one single application multiple people are deployed on different modules, hence merging is a big task in itself!! Development is a task where we need front end, backend and database engineers, but what about code merge, deployment, managing servers, and cloud base!. That’s where the DevOps engineer comes into the picture.

1.Managing development and code merge:

Even if you work in a small startup or big MNC, every piece of software is worked on simultaneously by multiple developers. Now, if there are different modules they are working on the task is just pure merge, but imagine if multiple people are working on the same module! And, that’s happening all the time! Then, it's not just merging, it is planning and managing! A well-decisive roadmap would lead to smooth development, but if it isn’t taken care of, then it's a nightmare!

Software development is a task in itself as you constantly need to meet up with the deadlines, there are bugs and requirement almost all the time keeps on changing! If there is a proficient DevOps engineer in the company, development is fun, As coding is fun But, if there isn’t then.


Deployment, patches, and release are all aspects of managing software running on for a longer time. Now, here DevOps engineer needs to ensure that there exist backups for almost all the possible failures that could happen! Because, a site running on, having traffic in millions just can't be down!! It's a tremendous task!! Anybody is going to pay you what you are asking for, but you need to be good at it!! And it could only come after years of learning as it always is a risk!!! And some tiny bugs could cost a lot to an e-commerce site!!!

3.Managing cloud and Server:

Nowadays everything is on the cloud. Managing Amazon or Google clouds, their services, and even Microsoft servers are all tasks of a DevOps engineer. And these keep on changing, upgrading all the time, like any other piece of development tool you are working on There are a lot and a lot of tools and technologies you must be aware of. I have listed some of them in below. You can google them to get more information about it


Given that the modern digital world necessitates rapid innovation in organizations, DevOps has come to be one of the most popular software development methodologies present today.

Nothing is better than your own research, Search more about these topics in various media. Shoot any questions in the comments section I will try to answer them as soon as possible. I will come back with more advanced concepts about DevOps in my next blog. Stay Tuned!!!

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